Auditor Only Series

ASC OO1 --Documentary Film and the City: Trenton in the 1960s

Instructor: Alison Isenberg, Professor of History and Purcell Carson, Filmaker


The Trenton Project is a collaborative investigation by Professors Alison Isenberg and Purcell Carson (and the student filmmakers of Urban Studies 202).  In 1968 Trenton was shaken by significant unrest, which came to a tragic culmination on April 9th, following the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  One young Trentonian died that night, 19-year old college student Harlan Joseph, who was shot in the back by a police officer.  Scores of people were arrested as businesses were broken into, young people protested, and several buildings burned. The so-called "riots" became--and remain--a simplified explanation for Trenton's troubles. Yet Trenton's unrest is representative of how little is known about the wave of violence in the United States that followed Dr. King's assassination.  Isenberg and Carson's work, including extensive archival research and community interviews, provides the backbone for original historical scholarship, a documentary film, and community dialogue about the city and the Trenton-Princeton region, past and present.

This auditor-only course, after examining the factual findings of this Trenton-Princeton research within the national context of 1967-68, will share the “making of” story behind the project—and discuss the results.  With behind the scenes footage and archival materials, the course will explore how a filmmaker and historian come together to work from their respective disciplines, and how we are integrating archival evidence, newspaper coverage, in-depth interviews, and other community voices to create a work of public memory.

Dates: Thursday’s - October 19, November 9, 16, 30, 2017

Time: 2:30 am – 4:00 pm

ASC OO2 --Why Populism Endangers Democracy

Instructor: Jan-Werner Mueller, Professor, Department of Politics



Dates: TBA

Time: TBA