Parking Permits

Auditors may only park in Lot 21 with a registered parking permit. Parking permits are free for registered auditors and are valid for one semester. A new permit is required each semester. Your vehicle information will be supplied to Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) after the third day of registration. Display your permit on your dashboard and park in the back of the lot towards Fitzrandolph Road.  Vehicles in Lot 21 without a valid parking permit risk receiving a $50 parking citation.

Fall 2018 permit registration will begin on the third day of registration, September 7, 2018. The last day to request a parking permit for the spring 2018 semester is September 21, 2018.

Vehicle Registration Information

Permits will not be issued unless requested by the auditor. Auditors requesting a permit must be registered for a course and provide vehicle information. Need a review on how to register for a parking permit? Watch our video tutorial below to learn how to add your vehicle information to your profile and register for a permit.

How to Add your Vehicle Registration Information:

  • Login to your CAP account
  • Click on My Profile
  • Click on Vehicles Registration Information
  • Type or verify your vehicle information
  • Click on Send Data

Login to access the CAP Online Registration Website

How to Register for a Parking Permit:

  • Login to your CAP account,
  • Under Choose a Department (left side of the screen): choose ASP- CAP Special Parking,
  • Click on: ASP 200 - Parking Permit to be picked up at the CAP office,
  • Click on Yes I agree,
  • The permit will be added to your cart. Your cart is in the lower left hand corner of the screen,
  • Click on the Checkout button,
  • Click on Finalize Enrollment. There will be no charge for this transaction.
  • The reservation enrollment status screen confirms that you have registered for a parking permit.
  • The CAP office will email you when the permit is ready to be picked up.

Login to access the CAP Online Registration Website

Tiger Transit Shuttle Service

Tiger Transit is the shuttle bus service that circulates the Princeton University campus. You may get on and off the buses at will and there is no need for identification or payment.  All Tiger Transit buses have kneeling capability to assist those with mobility issues. The West/East Parking Shuttle to campus departs from the bus shelter and travels in a clockwise loop beginning and ending at Lot 21. It makes stops at Jadwin Hall, Lewis Library, Woodrow Wilson, Friend Center, Fisher Hall, Frist/Guyot, Icahn Lab and Lot 21 every twenty to thirty minutes. The shuttle may be tracked in real time.

Parking Permit Replacement

If you have misplaced your parking permit please contact the CAP office. There is a $20 fee to replace a lost or stolen parking permit.