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To view a pdf of the fall 2018 lectures available for auditing click on the link below. 

PDF iconfall_18_lecture_list.pdf

Additional Classes added after May 1, 2018.

CLA212 Classical Mythology

Class Location Information

Classroom locations will be posted on the Registrar's website approximately one week before classes begin. You must know the course code to find your classroom, for example ABC101.

How to find your classroom

  • Click on Registrar's to be taken to the Registrar's site
  • Using the three letter course code of the class you are taking, scroll down and find that department
  • Click on the three letter code
  • All the classes for that department will be available on the screen
  • Use the course number to find your class
  • The building and room number will be listed in the Location column


Blackboard is an online site where course information such as the course syllabus, announcements, and reading assignments are posted for students.  If you are an enrolled community auditor and your professor uses Blackboard you may have access to this site. Blackboard will not be active until classes have begun.

Need a refresher on how to use Blackboard? Watch our video tutorial below and learn how to login and understand your course information.

How to login to Blackboard

  • To login in to the Blackboard Website you will need your CAP username and password.
  • Once at the site, choose the second login option "other".  You will then be directed to the login page.
  • In the box titled: Blackboard ID: Type "au_" followed by your CAP username.  For example:  au_MarySmith
  • In the box titled: Password: Type in your CAP password.  The password is case sensitive.


All the libraries on campus are open to the public with the exception of Firestone Library and Marquand Library. Community auditors do not receive access privileges beyond those available to the public. Privileges may be purchased for a fee from the Access Office in Firestone Library. For more information about access privileges and library hours, please visit the library website