Frequently Asked Questions

Quick facts and links about the program

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  1. I heard about the Community Auditing Program (CAP). What is the procedure for becoming an auditor? To become a community auditor you must have an active account in our system. To create an auditing account, follow the directions for How to Become an Auditor on the Join the Program page. After your account is created, new auditors must make a one-time visit to our office for account activation. At the visit, auditors are asked to bring identification to verify their current address and a photocopy of their COVID-19 vaccination and booster information.
  2. What is the tuition fee for community auditors? We offer two types of courses. University courses and Auditor Only Series courses. The tuition for a University course is $200.00 per course. In these course you will be in the classroom with Princeton undergraduate students. The tuition for an Auditor Only Series course is $125.00 per course. The Auditor Only Series courses are held as 4 week seminar. In these courses you will be in the classroom with community auditors and a Princeton professor.
  3. May I participate in the courses that I register for? Community auditors may not participate in University courses. In these courses the student population must be the focus of the professor's attention before, during, and after class. In the Auditor Only Series courses, the community auditors are the students and may fully participate.
  4. I am an au pair living in the area and I am required to obtain educational credits while I am living in the United States. If I take classes at Princeton University can I receive credits? Au pairs who participate in the Community Auditing Program are eligible to obtain a course verification form. The form verifies that the student has registered and paid for courses through the Community Auditing Program at Princeton University. We suggest that the student keep a copy of their payment receipt as proof of registration. To obtain a course verification form au pais should send an email to [email protected] with their name and the name of each course they registered for. Completed forms will be emailed to the student.
  5. My au pair agency has required that I take classes equivalent to 6 credits. Will I be able to receive credits if I take a class through the Community Auditing Program? The au pair agencies with whom we have worked in the past have accepted 72 credit hours as equivalent to 6 credits. We suggest that the au pair verifies with the agency the amount of credit hours they will accept as equivalent to 6 credits.
  6. How can I determine how many credit hours l will receive for a course? Classes typically meet twice a week. There are 12 weeks in a semester. A two day a week class which meets for 50 minutes = 24 credit hours. A two day a week class which meets for 80 minutes = 36 credit hours. One day a week class which meets for 2 hours and 50 minutes = 36 credit hours
  7. When is the next account activation period? Account activation dates are posted on this page.  
  8. When is registration held? Course registration dates are posted on this page
  9. I forgot my CAP password and can't login to my account? Try the "I forgot my password" link on the course registration website's sign-in page. You will be sent a temporary password. Sign in using the temporary password and create a new password. 
  10. How do I register for a class? Registration directions in a printable form can be found on the Registration page.
  11. It's 11 AM, why can't I see the "Add to Cart" button? You will only see the "Add to Cart" button if you are an active auditor and it is your registration day. If you are an active auditor and it is your registration day and you do not see the "Add to Cart" button at 11:00 AM, then try refreshing the page. 
  12. How do I update my address information on the course registration website? Sign in to your account on the course registration site. Click the Profile icon in the menu bar. Click My Profile. Update your address and the save changes. 
  13. I moved to Princeton; how do I change my registration day? To change your registration day, bring your proof of residency (updated driver's license, deed, lease, utility bill) to the CAP office. 
  14. Where is my class being held? To determine the location of your class, check the Registrar's website. In the course offerings section of the website, you will find Keyword Search. In the Keyword Search box type the name of the course or the 3-letter department code followed by the 3 number course code of class you are taking, (i.e ENG123) and click search. You will be brought to the course information for that class. The building name and room will be listed in the location column.
  15. I am registered for an Auditor Only class. Where is it being held? Auditor only classes are scheduled after the semester has begun and are not listed on the Registrar's website. The CAP office will email you class details and the location as soon as the classroom has been assigned. 
  16. Can I park on campus? Community Auditors do not have access to parking lots on campus. There are many metered spaces and parking garages in the town of Princeton.
  17. Where can I find information about parking in Princeton? The township website has parking information and maps available to help you find parking. 
  18. Where can I park with a handicap placard? The township of Princeton permits those with a handicap placard or license plate to park at any meter for free. Per the NJ statutes: No penalty shall be imposed for the parking overtime of any motor vehicle which has displayed thereon a placard or wheelchair symbol license plates issued pursuant to the provisions of this act under any law or municipal ordinance now in effect or hereafter enacted unless such vehicle shall have been parked in one location for more than 24 hours. This provision shall apply only when the person to whom the placard or special license plate has been issued is either the driver or a passenger of the vehicle. (C.39:4207)