Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I heard about the Community Auditing Program (CAP). What is the procedure for becoming an auditor? To become a community auditor you must have an active account in our system. To create an account follow the How to Become an Auditor directions on the Join the Program page. After your account is created all new auditors must make a one time visit to our office for account activation. At the visit, auditors are asked to bring identification to verify their current address.

  2. Is there a COVID-19 vaccination requirement associated with becoming an auditor? All activated auditors must submit proof of Covid-19 vaccination and booster to be eligible to join the program. 

  3. When is the next account activation period? Account activation dates are posted on this page.  

  4. When is registration held? Course registration dates are posted on this page

  5. I forgot my CAP password and can't login to my account? Try the "I forgot my password" link on the course registration website's sign-in page. You will be sent a temporary password. Sign in using the temporary password and create a new password. 

  6. How do I register for a class? You can view directions on how to register for a course on this page. 

  7. It's 11 AM, why can't I see the "Add to Cart" button? You will only see the "Add to Cart" button if you are an activated auditor and it is your registration day. Activated auditors who do not see the Add to Cart button should first make sure that they are logged in and then refresh the page. 

  8. How do I update my address information on the course registration website? Sign in to your account on the course registration site. Click the Profile icon in the menu bar. Click My Profile. Update your address and save the changes. 

  9. I moved to Princeton, how do I change my registration day? To change your registration day, bring your proof of residency (updated driver's license, deed, lease, utility bill) to the CAP office. 

  10. Where is my class being held? To determine the location of your class check the Registrar's website.  In the course offerings section of the Registrar's website type the 3 digit course code (i.e. ENG) and 3 digit course number (i.e. 123) in the Keyword Search box and click search. This will bring you to the class you are searching for. The building and classroom will be listed in the course listing.

  11. I am registered for an Auditor Only class. Where is it being held? Auditor only classes are scheduled after the semester has begun and are not listed on the Registrar's website. The CAP office will email you class details and the location as soon as the classroom has been assigned. 

  12. Can I park on campus? Community Auditors do not have access to parking lots on campus. There are many metered spaces and parking garages in the town of Princeton.

  13. Where can I find information about parking in Princeton? The township website has parking information and maps available to help you find parking.