Community College Faculty Program

The Community College Faculty Program (CCFP), formerly the Mid-Career Fellowship Program, is an opportunity for New Jersey community college faculty members and administrators to undertake advanced study. 

The Community College Faculty Program allows selected faculty from New Jersey community colleges to:

  • Enroll at a premier university to further cultivate their understanding of the subjects they teach,
  • Consult with distinguished scholars in a variety of fields, and
  • Become part of a unique academic community.


To be eligible for the program, community college faculty and administrators must be currently employed at one of the participating institutions. Candidates must hold an advanced degree in a discipline taught at Princeton. Permission must be granted from the sending institution.

Course Limits

Each participant is permitted to audit up to two courses per semester in their own discipline or a related field with the permission of their sending institution. Participants are not permitted to attend off-campus field trips. For credit courses are not eligible for registration through the Community College Faculty Program.

Courses Guidelines

The program provides professional development opportunities to help in meeting the needs of current teaching assignments and in preparation for future courses. Certain courses are restricted and not open to enrollment by participants, including Writing Seminars, Freshman Seminars, Visual and Performing Arts classes, and any course that requires application for admission. Admission in a language course is approved on a case by case basis.


Each participant is expected to attend classes as scheduled and complete all readings. Participation in class discussions is at the discretion of the professor of the course. Attendance at precepts (small group discussions) is optional. There are no examinations or written work.

Release Time

A sabbatical is not required to participate in this program. However, to fully benefit from the program it is recommended that participants, who continue to teach, be granted a minimum of 6 credits of release time from their full-time load for each course, or the equivalent of two courses, per Princeton course.


For further information contact Gina Mastro, program coordinator, or call (609) 258-5226.