Submitting an Application

In my first semester I experienced a pure form of learning that I always desired as a student: absorbing new information for myself, unadulterated by concerns of grades. In lieu of completing assignments for the course, I utilize my class experience and access to resources as inspiration to prepare new lessons and conduct historical research. These classes are for those who love to learn, seek to challenge, and are open to change.  Nicole, Camden County College

Application Deadline:  May 22, 2020

Fall 2020 courses will be posted on the Registrar's website in April.

Tuition: Payment is arranged through your academic institution. 

Application Process:

  • Prior to submitting your online application, contact your community college representative for approval and letter of authorization.
  • Complete and submit:
  1. PDF iconccfp application.pdf The application may be submitted online (preferred) or in paper form. Both are accepted.
  2. PDF iconletter of authorization.pdf   Complete the Letter of Authorization. Arrange to have the form completed by the appropriate college official. You will be prompted to upload an electronic copy of the completed Authorization Form during the application process.
  3. PDF iconletter of recommendation waiver.pdf  Download the Letter of Recommendation Waiver. Two current letters of academic reference are required along with a Letter of Recommendation Waiver for each reference. Complete the letter of recommendation waivers and send one copy to each of the people who will be writing your recommendation. Sealed references and waivers must be mailed to the Office of Community and Regional Affairs, Princeton University, 4 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ 08540. We do not accept faxed or emailed references.
  4. Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work: faxed or emailed copies are not accepted.