Continuing Education Program

Princeton’s Program in Continuing Education admits qualified area residents, K-12 New Jersey teachers, as well as University employees, employees' spouses, same-sex domestic partners and dependents, and graduate students' spouses and same-sex domestic partners to University undergraduate and graduate courses. Applicants must live in New Jersey or within a 50 mile commuting distance to the Princeton University campus. The program, founded in 1973, does not grant degrees, or certificates, and principally serves students who are:

  • preparing for a career change or entrance into professional or graduate school,
  • pursuing advanced training in their fields,
  • resuming their education after a break, or
  • seeking personal enrichment.

Qualified continuing education students may enroll in most Princeton courses, along with Princeton undergraduate and graduate students. Some limited-enrollment courses such as creative writing and studio courses are not open to continuing education students.

This program is distinct from the Community Auditing Program (CAP), which is a not-for-credit program with limited course selection for community residents. For additional information, please visit CAP.

If you have any questions please call (609) 258-5226 or email the continuing education office.