Admission Requirements

All applicants to the Program in Continuing Education must have successfully completed at least two years of formal, post-secondary education. Applicants must be eighteen years or older at the time of application. New Jersey residents and applicants who live within a 50 mile radius to the Princeton University Campus may apply to the program. We do not accept international students. Admission to the program is based on the suitability of the applicant’s academic background for the course of study proposed. Relevant nonacademic experience is considered.

The program admits students primarily for undergraduate courses. In exceptional cases students may be considered for possible enrollment in graduate courses. Applicants should seek advice about proper placement from the director of the program well in advance of application deadlines.

Program Limitations

Courses taken through the program do not count toward a degree at Princeton University. The program does not admit students currently enrolled in, temporarily withdrawn from or on leave from any college or university program. All applicants must live in New Jersey or within a 50 mile commuting distance of Princeton University at the time of application.

There is a two course limit per semester for students enrolled in the Program in Continuing Education.  

Credit for courses taken through the program might be counted toward future degrees at other institutions, depending on the institution’s requirements and regulations. Inquiries about eligibility for credit acceptance at other institutions should be directed to those institutions.

The program does not sponsor its own courses, sections of courses, certification courses or noncredit courses for continuing education students. Continuing Education students are not eligible to take Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Journalism, or Writing courses. Very few courses are offered in the evening. Courses are not offered during the summer.

Students taking courses through the program for premedical purposes should know that the University will not process their medical school applications.

Employee Applicants

Employees may apply for up to two courses per semester. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Those who wish to register for more than one course during a given semester must have the approval of their supervisor.