Dance | Princeton Dance Festival Reimagined: Rebecca Lazier and Dean Moss

Fri, Dec 4, 2020, 8:00 pm

An exciting, innovative, reimagined virtual edition of the annual Princeton Dance Festival features six diverse, professional choreographers bringing their unique aesthetics to the question of dance in the COVID era working with Princeton dance students. Led by Peter Chu, Francesca Harper, Rebecca Lazier, Dean Moss, Silas Riener, and Olivier Tarpaga, students explore the intersections of dance and multimedia performance, digital animation, filmmaking, site-based work, and music. Each evening is a completely different and unique experience followed by a question and answer session with the choreographers.

Where can dance happen and what can it do? In work led by Rebecca Lazier, students will present SITE DANCE, sharing site-based performance projects built from research into their communities. Each project traces different intersections of personal, cultural, and geographic stories with movement, dance, and performance.

Under mentorship by Dean Moss, sophomore Lucy Sirrs presents Live & Surreal, a video dance project inspired by women's historic struggle for reproductive rights and the surreal artwork of Martha Rosler. It portrays her exploration of her desires, her pride, and her courage through the lens of her childhood bedroom.

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