Football Alum Dr. Glenn Wakam is making a difference in the COVID-19 Fight

Monday, May 11, 2020

By Princeton University Athletics

Glenn Wakam is smiling in the picture. Widely. He is dressed in blue surgical scrubs, with "Department of Surgery" written on the side of his cap.
He looks like he doesn't have a care in the world, as befitting someone who grew up in Southern California. In fact, he looks so relaxed – so Hollywood – that he could possibly be an actor, dressed like a doctor, between takes on a set.
The drama in which he finds himself these days, though, is hardly theatrical. It's very much real life, actually life and death, and he's actually found himself cast in a much more leading role than he might have ever imagined.
"These last few months," he says with a slight chuckle, "have been different than anything I've been through."
As the Coronavirus has swept through the world, Glenn Wakam has found himself center stage in the drama, from the ICUs of the very hospitals he thought not long ago would be a good way to earn some extra money during his surgical residency. His perspective has furthered his education in ways he never imagined, reminded him of the lessons he learned playing football at Princeton, made him think critically about larger societal issues and even thrust him into the national spotlight.

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