President Eisgruber shares personal lessons of resilience with the Class of 2025

Thursday, Sep 2, 2021

By Denise Valenti, Office of Communications

At Opening Exercises on Sunday, Aug. 29, Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber welcomed the Class of 2025 and shared with them lessons from a personal health challenge for facing moments of difficulty.

Eisgruber disclosed he was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, a type of benign, non-cancerous brain tumor that can cause loss of hearing, balance or the ability to control facial muscles.

“I hope you will have many happy experiences along the way, but I know there will also be moments of challenge and difficulty as you travel the path that lies ahead,” Eisgruber said. “As you begin that journey today, I would like to share with you a challenge that I have confronted recently, and describe four lessons that I draw from it and that might be relevant to your time at Princeton.”

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