Princeton University significant contributor and catalyst to New Jersey economy, quality of life

Thursday, Jan 12, 2017
by jtalaric

by Susan Promislo, Office of Communications

Princeton University has a substantial impact on the New Jersey economy, generating an annual total of $1.58 billion in economic output as an employer, research and innovation leader, sponsor of construction projects, purchaser of goods and services, and financial and civic contributor to local communities. That total supports an estimated 13,450 jobs with $970.7 million in earnings.

The economic and other benefits the University generates within the town of Princeton and neighboring communities, Mercer County and the state of New Jersey are presented in a new report, "Education, Innovation and Opportunity: The Economic Impact of Princeton University." This study, conducted by Appleseed, an economic consulting firm, updates a 2008 analysis and provides a comprehensive look at the University's direct and indirect effects on the vitality of the local, regional and state economy in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015. The study also identifies resources, services and opportunities that the University contributes to enhance the quality of life in its neighboring communities and throughout the region.

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