Lake Carnegie

Princeton University’s Lake Carnegie was built in 1906 for use by the University’s intercollegiate rowing teams.  It is the first such lake in the United States built specifically to create a course for competitive rowing. 

Community access to the lake is available at the boat launch area adjacent to Route 27 just south of Kingston, NJ.  The boat launch area is open to the public from dawn to dusk.  No overnight parking is permitted in the boat launch area. Guests to the boat launch area are asked to remove any trash and litter upon departure.

Swimming and gasoline powered boats are not permitted on Lake Carnegie. Princeton University provides no safety or security patrol of the lake, and use of the lake is at your own risk. Be aware that crew team boats have the right of way on the lake at all times.

Access to the public for ice skating in the winter months is coordinated through a partnership between the University and the Princeton Recreation Department.  Flags are prominently posted to indicate when the lake surface is frozen and safe to use for skating.  Do not skate on the lake unless signage and flags indicate that it is safe to ice skate, and stay in areas marked for skating.  Use of the lake for skating is at your own risk.

Any use of Lake Carnegie by any organization must be approved by the Princeton University Office of Community and Regional Affairs, by calling 609-258-3204 or emailing to [email protected].